Walking Bus

We like to encourage children to walk to school both for their own health benefits and to stop dangerous congestion in the school car park. The car park is very small and only has spaces for staff cars and the minibuses. The spaces at the top of the car park are for parents dropping off and collecting their babies and toddlers at the Childrens' Centre.

We therefore offer a free Walking Bus Service, which assembles at the Town Square by the Marazion Hotel, from Mondays through to Fridays.
The children assemble from 8:40 and the bus departs at 8:45.
This service is available to ALL Marazion School children, regardless of where they live. If you live on the route between the Town Square and school, the bus will stop and collect children on the way.

The children are accompanied by trained staff, including a 'Driver' and a 'Conductor' along the pavements to school in hi-viz tabbards.
You will need to complete a registration form which is available from the office.