Meet the Staff

Team Work is key in Marazion School.

Our staff team are absolutely fantastic. There is nothing but respect for each others’ ideas and we are continuously sharing good practice and professional development opportunities. This, coupled with the teams’ constant motivation and dedication contributes towards a school that never stands still and is always committed to moving forward.

All staff are happy to receive emails from parents and these will be answered during working hours when they have access to email.

Head Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher

 - SENDCO - 

Jenny Rainbow

Sara Oliver

Teaching Staff


Miss P Hall

Reception/Year 1 Teacher

Mrs L Holmes

Year 3/4 Teacher 

Mr J Mitten

Year 2 Teacher

Mr L Groom

Year 4/5 Teacher 

Mrs K Rescorla-Hill

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr T Searle

Year 6 Teacher 

Support Staff

Mrs T Tredinnick

Mrs K Allen

Mr K Richings

Miss Z Williams




Learning Support


Learning Support

Mrs C Middleton

Mrs Lizzie Keating

Mrs M Pender

Mr N Tanner


Learning Support


Learning Support

TA/Class Teacher

Games Coach

Mr S Mackenzie

Mr R Hill

Miss E Smith

Mrs L Fox

Music Teacher

School Counsellor

Business Manager

School Secretary /

Autism Champion

Mrs L Macdonald

Mr A Wilkinson

Management Accountant

IT Technician

Kelly Case

Hayley Williams

Terry Illingworth

Stacey Jenking





Living, Learning, Laughing at Marazion School

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