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School Vision, Aims & Marazion Manners


To make sure that all our children know who they are, they have a place in the world and a voice that must be heard.


Our school aims to support and celebrate the whole child to reveal:

  • A love of life, learning and laughing

  • Positive relationships showing love, tolerance and respect

  • Courage to be unique and individual

  • Resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility and self confidence

  • A willingness to take risks and engage in new ideas and experiences

  • Local, national and global awareness.

Marazion Manners:

At Marazion School we are here to:

  • Uphold the right to be yourself and be unique

  • Show tolerance and respect for others and the environment around us

  • Fight for freedom of expression and equality

  • Challenge bullying, stereotyping and injustice

  • Support our community

  • Be leaders and positive role models.

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