Quality of Education

Quality of Education Policy


Marazion School’s curriculum builds resilience, independence, resourcefulness, creativity and empathy and aims to respect uniqueness and individual talents.  Our children have a voice and they know it is heard. We value the importance of an enriched curriculum bespoke to our school created with input from all of us, supporting the whole child to be the BEST they can be. These experiences are essential for pupils to be happy and to thrive, learn and be successful.



At Marazion, Year R and 1 have a skills-based curriculum with a more flexible time scale to suits their individual needs and interests.  Mixed aged classes have a 2-year rolling topic cycle following a programme of ‘umbrella headings,’ which allows learning and teaching to be relevant and responsive to pupils’ interests. Year 6 have a single year cycle. The use of the ‘Skills Matrix’ ensures full and rigorous curriculum coverage. We study the National Curriculum, Religious Education (RE), Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE), Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC). PSHE and SMSC sit at the heart of our curriculum along with our ‘Marazion Manners’, which we use every day.



Pupils at Marazion School are enthusiastic learners who can passionately discuss the purpose of their learning. Our pupils make good progress from their starting points through following a broad and rich curriculum. Children produce high-quality work, reflect through learning conversations and work collaboratively. Our pupils know they have a voice that can be heard, confidently sharing their views, discussing their learning in Pupil Progress Meetings and go on to lead Parents’ Meetings. Our children are passionate about our World for example, working tirelessly to reduce plastic in the community. Outcomes make the learning real, purposeful and embed the knowledge into children’s memories to give them a thirst for learning in their future lives – Bright Futures Start Here.